New Contraption

This page is a template for contraptions


General information about the purpose of the contraption


Tangible characteristics

Version Info

Links to previous/subsequent versions

Source Files

Links to source files/repository

Project Kits

Kits from which contraption can be assembled

In Action

Videos demonstrating contraption in action

Projects Using This

Sample projects where things are made using this contraption

Component / Part List (BoM)

Qty, Part/Component/Custom, Kit (where part comes from)


Instructions for fabricating any custom items, if not part of the kits


Assembly instructions for mechanics


Limit switch photos, if any
Wiring/Fritzing diagram


Firmware to use, where to download
Firmware settings, including pins, feedrates, acceleration, possibly sample config file
Host software to use, where to download
CAM software to use, where to downoad


Things/procedures such as homing setup, max axis travel setup, bed leveling (if not part of assembly), any other adjustments before contraption can be used
Sample GCode file that can be run to validate/test (Hello World equivalent).

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