Make Shaft Mount


The shaft mount is about 1" long angle stock with standard hole in the base leg and 3/8" hole in the center of the opposite leg, surrounded by three 6-32 screws. The bearing fits in between the heads of the screws. Each shaft requires a pair of mounts.


  • Aluminium angle 1"x1"
  • R188 bearing
  • Screws 6-32 x 1/8", round head, button, or socket cap

Source Files


Make the angle piece from SVG or PDF template, according to the instructions in Howto section. Be sure to puncture templates and center punch hole centers accurately, as it's important for this part.


Install three 6-32 round or button head screws on the inside of the angle. Place the ball bearing over the 3/8" hole to make sure it fits between the screw heads. If the screw holes are not too accurate you can try the following to make the bearing fit:

  • File the heads where the bearing touches them OR
  • Use screws with smaller/larger head diameter where needed (pic 2). The beta kits include the following 1/8" screws:
    • Phillips with larger head
    • Button with right size head
    • Socket cap with smaller head
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